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Crossing the green

Driving through the village on 30th November, there was no need of a calendar to recall Saint Andrew.  The village green is laid out in the saltire pattern of the flag of Saint Andrew, the patron of our parish church. … Continue reading

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Bingo nights

Driving through the village of Aller this afternoon, a sign at the roadside announced that the Christmas bingo at Middlezoy would be on 7th December. I wondered if they still held the Christmas bingo in Burrowbridge. I remember going to … Continue reading

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Sports past

The nephews’ rugby club ties lay ready for the Sunday morning match. Now playing at junior level, they must change into collar and tie after the match and conduct themselves in a mannerly way. Fifty years ago, there would have … Continue reading

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Remembering the Bellots

Remembering a young man from our road who died in the Great War recalled a mystery that we had solved ten years ago. We moved to the village of High Ham in Somerset in February 1967.  Our house was the … Continue reading

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Firework night

The cartoon in The Times depicts John McDonnell, the Labour shadow chancellor, asking for a penny for the guy; the guy in the cartoon is his party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. It is a cartoon that would presumably have resonance among … Continue reading

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