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A legionary at the back door

When the house was owned by Langport Rural District Council, there was a scullery at the back. It was a lean-to containing a kitchen sink and the back door. Beyond the door a concrete path to the left led to … Continue reading

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Facing down the taxman

Turning off the road, I stopped at the gate to my uncle’s yard. The gate was fastened to an adjoining gate by a piece of red twine, not an unusual occurrence, gates and twine frequently combine in these parts. However, … Continue reading

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Unwanted steam

Four vehicles ahead, a large green tractor was moving slowly, its orange hazard lights insistently emphasising its presence. It seemed odd that such a modern tractor was moving so slowly, on country roads they can sometimes reach speeds beyond which … Continue reading

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A privy place

“Privy” announces the sign at the Halfway House pub at Pitney. The toilets beyond are Twenty-First Century, but the word “privy” captures the mood of the place. Uncle Clem would have laughed at the sign. Uncle Clem lived in Pitney … Continue reading

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Colouring conversation

Colouring Club meets from three o’clock to four o’clock on a Wednesday. Like the advertisement goes, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Students gather for an hour to sit and colour and to chat with their friends. … Continue reading

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