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Dwelling places

The lane adjoining the house is more a track than a lane, unsurfaced, it becomes rutted mud in winter weather. Decades of holes being filled with gravel or hard core have not seen much improvement in potential driving conditions. The … Continue reading

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Riding westward

The evening sun on Maundy Thursday brings thoughts of John Donne and his poem Good Friday 1613. Riding Westward.  The poem evokes thoughts of journeying towards an horizon where the sun is low in the spring evening sky.  It evokes thoughts of … Continue reading

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Primrose life

Primroses growing at the roadside find a resonance deep in the recesses of the memory, not anything religious, but that sense of irrational optimism that filled childhood years. Primroses bring a sense of the springtime of the year, primroses announce … Continue reading

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Doing nothing

I think it was Michael Ramsey, who was Archbishop of Canterbury when that title meant something, who talked about his hopes for eternity and said that he was glad to read in the Bible that there were windows in heaven … Continue reading

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Why would you go to Glastonbury?

The balance of the payment for this year’s Glastonbury Festival was due to be paid on Monday. Being able to afford the £250 price of the ticket only means having paid one small part of the cost: there is still … Continue reading

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