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My Dad knows how to use the web properly

My eighty-two year old Dad is an enthusiast for things online. His day begins with his iPad and a tour of the morning news stories before he switches to Facebook to catch up with friends and comments on the issues … Continue reading

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In country churchyards

My parents fell heir to a number of his books, a selection that included local history and archaeology writing on Gloucestershire, Bristol and Somerset, a number of books on church architecture, and at least half a dozen on churchyards. Looking … Continue reading

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Bring back the bobbies

It is said that the men responsible for smashing the windows of a neighbour’s vintage car did so in frustration that they could not remove the car from the shed in which it was stored. It is said that the … Continue reading

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Not ringing a bell

The church bells were ringing at a quarter past six on a Monday evening. Practice night is Wednesday, the cause for them to be rung at teatime on Monday was a mystery. “Perhaps it’s the invasion,” I said. “That was … Continue reading

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Getting the right news

My uncle’s television was a source of perplexity: it insisted on showing programmes from Plymouth. Each evening, he would sit down to watch the news and instead of the familiar faces from BBC West in Bristol, there were the presenters … Continue reading

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