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It’s the season of wassailing

“The Somersetshire people are of large size and strong, but in my opinion are very slow and lazy and are very much given to eating and drinking,” thus wrote William Holland, an irascible priest of the Church of England around … Continue reading

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Becoming my Dad

It is easy to lose count of time. It is perhaps a month since my Dad was reluctantly taken into hospital, the gentle paramedic explaining that only in-patient treatment could provide what was needed. Had I been him, I would … Continue reading

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Watching the water

Were I fifty years younger, I would find constant fascination in government websites. A recent discovery has been the Flood Information Service which this evening carries the following warning for the Langport area: Flooding is possible – be prepared The … Continue reading

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Childish fear

Returning from an evening visit to Musgrove Park Hospital, the landscape along the road from Othery to Aller was no more than dark shadow. Suddenly a flash of whiteness crossed the way ahead, an owl gliding over the Sedgemoor lowland … Continue reading

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Crossing the green

Driving through the village on 30th November, there was no need of a calendar to recall Saint Andrew.  The village green is laid out in the saltire pattern of the flag of Saint Andrew, the patron of our parish church. … Continue reading

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