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Some teachers pick on you

“Some teachers pick on you, sir,” complained one of the students. “Do you ever think about the teachers?” I asked. “Do you ever think that they might be having a bad day? I had a bad time in March when … Continue reading

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Breaking the law

We were always people who kept the law. From an early age, my father would say that we obeyed the law because we expected other people to keep the law. He would ask, with good reason, “what would happen if … Continue reading

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They might both have come from Marks and Spencer, but the navy blue pullover was a much better shape than the sky blue one. Of course, it was the navy blue one that I managed to shrink, leaving the disliked … Continue reading

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Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?

Walking to Sainsbury’s at Saint John’s in Worcester, I passed a brand new Mercedes Benz estate car. Sleek and shiny, there was not a speck of dirt on it, despite the wet roads of the past week. Inside, the driver … Continue reading

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Night flying

Only helicopters now appear in the night sky above High Ham, but they seem to have been enough to have annoyed the newcomers to the village who objected to the noise. Once the sounds would have been far more intimidating … Continue reading

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