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Unintended consequences of good intentions

A good-intentioned number of newcomers to the village decided ‘affordable housing’ was necessary. They seemed not well-versed in market economics which awards an immediate premium to those who acquire assets at below market prices. Having contemplated ‘affordable housing,’ they then … Continue reading

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No, it’s not a spelling mistake. It is a ‘g’ and not a ‘c.’ It is a Brazilian football club, not a form of Spanish dancing. Had you ever heard of Flamengo? Perhaps there are footballing cognoscenti who would be … Continue reading

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Another United Nations Day

Being of a compulsive disposition, after classes on Friday, I wiped the board and wrote the date for Monday. 24th October? Isn’t it the date for something? I remembered after a few moments. United Nations Day. I recalled school assemblies … Continue reading

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Human dancers

The drivetime news was so annoying that I put a CD on to play. The Killers – I saw them in concert in June and the music conjured memories of summer days. The Killers have become bracketed in my memory … Continue reading

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The best of doctors

What age would he have been forty years ago? There is a photograph of Dr Michael Richards in Wetlands, Patrick Sutherland and Adam Nicolson’s 1986 book on life in the Somerset levels. Already his tight curls seemed more grey than … Continue reading

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