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Shadows of the chapel?

The evenings have noticeably drawn in: a quarter to nine and the sun is setting. The shadows stretch long along the road and memories come of childhood games of trying stepping on the shadows of others and imagining, Peter Pan-like, … Continue reading

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The last generation to be forgotten?

Clifford was probably a cousin of some degree. In this village, he might have been doubly a cousin, related on both sides of the family. Yet, if he was, his name has been unknown. Walking in the cemetery, where the … Continue reading

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A legionary at the back door

When the house was owned by Langport Rural District Council, there was a scullery at the back. It was a lean-to containing a kitchen sink and the back door. Beyond the door a concrete path to the left led to … Continue reading

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Facing down the taxman

Turning off the road, I stopped at the gate to my uncle’s yard. The gate was fastened to an adjoining gate by a piece of red twine, not an unusual occurrence, gates and twine frequently combine in these parts. However, … Continue reading

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Unwanted steam

Four vehicles ahead, a large green tractor was moving slowly, its orange hazard lights insistently emphasising its presence. It seemed odd that such a modern tractor was moving so slowly, on country roads they can sometimes reach speeds beyond which … Continue reading

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