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Stupid television

Being someone whose knowledge of classical music is derived from clips played in episodes of Morse, from compact disc compilations given free with newspapers, and from television theme tunes, there are not many pieces of music that I recognize, but … Continue reading

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The dignified and the efficient

Once, I nearly bought his book.  A paperback edition, it was not unduly expensive. Flicking through the pages, though, it seemed very dry and very precise prose. It didn’t capture the imagination of a young undergraduate and was put back … Continue reading

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Seventy years – how did she do it?

6th February 1952- 8th September 2022. More than seventy years, how did the late Queen put up with it for seventy years? Some fifteen years ago, I had the privilege of spending ten days at Saint George’s House within the … Continue reading

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Earliest memories

A friend suggested writing a memoir. ‘What of?’ I asked. More important than memoirs are memories. Memoirs might, or might not, interest someone else (mine would fall into the latter category). Memories, on the other hand, can be deeply important … Continue reading

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Sucked into a black hole

I like the word ‘vortex,’ it has about it much more a sense of excitement than is conveyed by its definition in the realm of physics. A friend attended Sussex University at the end of the 1970s. They were times … Continue reading

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