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What is home?

Dvorak’s Symphony Number Nine, the New World Symphony: the Largo became the base for the song “Goin’ Home.” Once, at a funeral I conducted, a male voice choir sang “Goin’ Home.” It was a transcendent moment, the sound gave the … Continue reading

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Islands in the sea

An odd sight among the three lanes of traffic travelling the M5 motorway, a car from the Irish county of Wexford with a 2021 registration. Someone had been given the opportunity to escape from the island on which they lived … Continue reading

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Forgotten presents

What do people buy as presents to take to a birthday party now? Particularly, boys, in times of virtual reality, what do people give? Are actual physical items bought, or are the gifts in the realm of online activity? In … Continue reading

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What’s a geezer?

The school sports day is approaching and tutor groups discussed who from their groups would represent their house in a day of competitive athletics. A spirit of rivalry quickly emerged, no-one wanted to allow anyone to enter who did not … Continue reading

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Doing the same things again and again

It being Wednesday, I phoned my mother at seven o’clock, went to Sainsbury’s for the weekly shopping, and then made my lunch for tomorrow. Lunch is always similar, a round of mature Cheddar and Branston Pickle sandwiches, three tomatoes, a … Continue reading

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