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Miss Everitt was never rash

Miss Everitt came to mind today. It is 18th January, the day when the church remembers the Confession of Saint Peter, Peter who once put on his cloak before jumping over the side of a boat into the water. “What … Continue reading

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Somerset’s tsunami

The school humanities club today dealt with the tsunami of 30th January 1607. The waters hit the low-lying Somerset coast with such force that they swept fourteen miles inland, reaching Glastonbury. The Polden Hills became a peninsula and High Ham … Continue reading

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From my sister’s house . . .

There is a familiarity in the drive from Ilminster to High Ham, even on a winter’s night. The village of Westport is always sleepily quiet. It was intriguing to discover when once reading Bradshaw’s canal guide that a waterway had  … Continue reading

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Games with dice

The dice were £2 for a pack of twelve in one of those stores where £2 is a lot to spend. Deciding that at least eight pairs of dice would be necessary for an ordinary class, I bought two packs. … Continue reading

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Leftover food

Christmas was not a big thing at the Christian school I attended on Dartmoor. Strict evangelicals, they presumably regarded Christmas with the suspicion that Puritans had shown it for centuries. They might reasonably have pointed to the fact that the … Continue reading

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