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Discussing Franz Ferdinand on the top deck of the bus

The man and his wife and three children came up to the top deck of the bus. Bound for the beach, they carried bags with beachwear, towels and a picnic. Emaciated, and shaky, the man had taken a day off … Continue reading

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Attics and Christian Science

I was thinking about my grand aunt. We called her ‘Nell’, my grand uncle called her ‘Helen’. Only by doing research for the family tree did I discover her official name was ‘Nellie’. It was not a name that had … Continue reading

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Dressing up for an outing

It is the season of school outings. Yesterday morning, a teacher leading an overnight hike came to talk to each class taking part urging them to remember where they were going and to wear clothes appropriate for hill walking – … Continue reading

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Reading of an end to childhood

Still sorting the boxes of books that arrived from High Ham last week. I put Sebastian Barry’s On Canaan’s Side on a shelf of novels. It is a book with a moment of sad beauty. ‘Mr Nolan used to read … Continue reading

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Voltaire in the village

One of the most memorable things about growing up in our small Somerset village was the inculcation of respect for the values and beliefs of everyone, no matter how odd those beliefs might seem to those of us who took … Continue reading

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