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Boys’ Own Adventures

It was one of those adventure books that caught the imagination of an eleven or twelve year old boy. The heroes, teenage boys themselves, sought safety and refuge deep in the heart of an English forest. The story never suggested … Continue reading

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Medicinal compounds

Perhaps the habit dated from before the days of the National Health Service, perhaps every house had them, proprietary medicines that would offer miraculous cures at a modest price. Our house had more than most, my mother kept a whole … Continue reading

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Counting ships

Had the internet existed when I was a child, it would have been a delight. Tik Tok and the other social media platforms would have had no attraction whatsoever. No, what would have been attractive would have been the opportunity … Continue reading

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The routineness of luxury

Feeling a need for a blood sugar boost, I went into a newsagent and bought a bag of Crawford’s Cheddars. It is some years since a doctor in Dublin advised me that eating something savoury was preferable to eating something … Continue reading

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Do you remember television as it was?

Few of those I teach seem to watch traditional television channels. If television is watched at all it is Sky Sports or Netflix, otherwise time is passed on social media platforms. It is strange to think that traditional television seems … Continue reading

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