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A people not needing a church

News that more than half of the Church of England’s churches are closed during the lockdown barely registered among those whom I know, the church is far removed from their lives. It’s not that they are against religion, more that … Continue reading

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Singing games

Memories of the games are of summer days in the school field.  Perhaps it was the only place where there was space for the groups of people involved. There would be a dozen or fifteen, led by some of the … Continue reading

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The legacy of Langport’s first railway station

A single memory of the place lingers from childhood, standing with my mother on the platform as a steam locomotive pulling carriages came into the station. Neither of Langport stations survived the Beeching axe, so it must have been in … Continue reading

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Football by numbers

Ninety-four years ago today, 22nd January 1927 was a Saturday. At the Highbury ground of Arsenal Football Club, 16,831 supporters gathered to watch Arsenal play Sheffield United in a Football League Division 1 match. While the match was an unremarkable … Continue reading

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Out of season

Sainsbury’s had no Cox’s apples. I had to buy Braeburn instead, they aren’t as nice but are better than the alternatives. I would like Russets, but the only place that seems to sell them is Marks and Spencer and doing … Continue reading

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