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A memorable day out

“Do you remember going to the Golden Valley in the Malvern Hills with the Cheltenham crowd?” I did remember, but the memories were patchy, unclear. We had parked in a grassy field and had spent the afternoon in a nature … Continue reading

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Unsaid words

Going through stuff written over the years, I discovered a poem I had written for my Dad. Of course, I never told him that I had written a poem for him and he would have been embarrassed at the thought … Continue reading

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Lung questions

Do you remember the BCG test? It was 1973, the second year at secondary school and we queued outside a classroom waiting our turn to receive the Sterneedle test. It was a spring-loaded instrument with six needles arranged in a … Continue reading

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The way we see policemen

The students in the class talked about their experience of the police. “If you wear a track suit, sir, they will always stop you. If you are a middle class person, in a shirt and jeans, no-one will bother you, … Continue reading

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“When is a door not a door?” “When it’s ajar?” “What’s big and red and eats rocks?” “A big red rock eater.” “How do you make time fly?” “Throw the clock out of the window.” The silly riddles from childhood … Continue reading

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