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Driving to hoe

Don would drive the Land Rover with one of the old hands beside him in the front. The rest of us sat in the back, on the bench seats that ran down either side. The journey¬† was made from a … Continue reading

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A cider house in the family

One Sunday morning in the spring of 2012, I stood in a church watching people arrive for service. A parishioner who attended every week came into the church and I realised that I could not remember the name of someone … Continue reading

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Idle hands

“The devil makes work for idle hands,” was one of the maxims that governed my life in childhood years. Not being a religious family, the devil was of little concern, but idle hands were a more serious matter. There was … Continue reading

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When the house was quiet, the ticking of the clock was clearly audible. There would have been many quiet moments. Television broadcasting hours were limited and there were only three channels to watch during those hours. The idea of a … Continue reading

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Only one idiot

I strongly object to it. It must have appeared in the last week or so. I tried to recall the last time I had driven on the road from Othery to Aller. Maybe it was the Thursday after Easter, driving … Continue reading

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