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A loss of businesses

It seemed odd to think that Mrs Spearing had only been born in 1909, that meant she was only fifty-eight when we moved to the village in 1967, the age that I am this year. Mr & Mrs Spearing always … Continue reading

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Dead at no age

A memorable figure, all in black. His thick black hair was Brylcreemed to one side, his glasses had thick black frames, his old suit was a black jacket and trousers, his pushbike had a heavy black frame and dynamo-powered lights. … Continue reading

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Things to like at school

Walking through the school grounds, a group of Year 7 boys approached (first formers, in the old way of counting). “Sir, are we late for our class?” Knowing nothing of their timetable and having little idea of where their classroom might … Continue reading

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Do teachers jump puddles?

I just walked across the road to look, the puddle is no longer there, just a neatly cut grass verge. This evening is the puddle-jumping anniversary. There used to be a puddle straight across the road that passes our house, … Continue reading

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