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Missing a river

Standing on the banks of the River Parrett one afternoon, there seemed something not quite right, something missing. In memory there had been a tributary running from the river, not the River Yeo, but something running toward the town. In … Continue reading

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Healthy eating

Spreading the fresh bread with butter and spooning on locally made jam, there was a memory of Tony. It was breaktime and we stood in the classroom talking about anything and nothing. There was hardly a subject that had not … Continue reading

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Jay’s grave and the church

I attended a school, long since closed, on the road between the Dartmoor villages of Manaton and Widecombe. It was a wild and beautiful spot. If you walked up the lane at the back of the school, climbed over the … Continue reading

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Seaside fare

Cornish pasty and chips, it must be nearly the ultimate in excess. Brought up to believe that a pasty was a complete meal in itself, with meat, potato, and vegetables,  a voice echoes down the years suggesting that there is … Continue reading

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Ranking trees

There seems an order among all things. Whether it’s the value of rare metals, or the cost of houses, or the price of cars, there is a ranking, a pecking order, a hierarchy. Sometimes the order does not relate to … Continue reading

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