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Remote shopping?

It is twenty years this week since I visited Canada for the first time. Flying in a great arc from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport over Greenland, and landing in Vancouver in British Columbia, there was a realisation of the sheer immensity … Continue reading

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Mid-Somerset midsummer

The weather forecast is for blue sky and sunshine and temperatures approaching thirty degrees next week, nevertheless, it has happened again this year. Despite the earnest wishes expressed every year for fifty years, every year it happens  – the days … Continue reading

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A soldier remembered

A new sign appeared on the wall of the churchyard, “At this location there are Commonwealth War Graves,” There had often been stories in childhood years of those who had served during the First and Second World Wars, no-one … Continue reading

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Not one of us?

“Son, could you pass me my wallet?” I rose from the seat in the barber’s shop and took down my father’s coat from where it hung. “A good performance from the England football team, in the end,” said the barber. … Continue reading

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The triumph of populism

In an age when all of the information in the world is available on the device in one’s pocket, it seems extraordinary that the mistakes of history might be repeated, that the same things would be believed. Read the history of … Continue reading

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