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Anally retentive rules for changing the sheets

The weekend is a time to get washing and ironing done. The rules of the apartment complex bar hanging any washing outside, so a change of bed linen requires having time to allow the wash cycle to complete and for … Continue reading

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The English aren’t really royalists

Why was it necessary for the media to carry stories of the will of the Duke of Edinburgh being sealed for ninety years? As much as there was no public interest to be served in the details of the will … Continue reading

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The fading memories of bombers

It’s Battle of Britain Day, although there seemed little acknowledgement of the anniversary. In our area, it was not the Fighter Command who rose to meet the Luftwaffe who were the presence of air forces, but aerodromes from which both … Continue reading

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Music, music and more music

A song by Bo Diddley was played on the radio. Its mood seemed timeless, rooted in its own decade, it seemed music that might be played at any time in an indeterminate future. No-one in our family was musical. In … Continue reading

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Two fingers to the garage

My late father never believed in paying someone to do a job that he could do himself. Sometimes, it was the case that we could not have afforded to have paid someone to do things, tradesmen were not cheap. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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